Fleet management


With FleetSystem, you achieve a better overview and easier management of your resources. This provides higher efficiency and quality of your services.

FleetSystem is a web-based system with a wide range of features and options. The system provides a complete overview of the business’ vehicles in real time. We have three different levels of Fleet: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

Electronic travel log


TravelLog simplifies your workday and ensures that your business complies with the tax authorities’ documentation requirements for the use of company cars.

TravelLog is suitable for all businesses, regardless of size, and whether the employees have regular cars or share cars.

TravelLog gives you automatic documentation of all trips, and saves you a lot of time.


Tracking and recovery


With SpotGuard, you can get updated position data right on your mobile phone or tablet, while you can be sure that Guard Systems will help you get your belongings back if they are lost.