SpotGuard - the safest solution

We have the industry's highest recovery rate

Whether you want to know if your motorcycle has been moved or you want a lower insurance premium on your car is up to you.

With SpotGuard, you can get updated position data right on your mobile phone or tablet, while you can be sure that Guard Systems will help you get your belongings back if they are lost.

SpotGuard is suitable for most items

  • Car
  • Boat
  • Outboard engines
  • Construction machines
  • Construction equipment
  • MC
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This could happen to you

Do not let thieves spoil your boating summer

Boat theft and theft of outboard engines is unfortunately part of our reality. With SpotGuard and Guard Systems’ network of professional search crews, your belongings will be back in place as quickly as possible, and you minimise the economic and practical disadvantages.

Could this have been your car?

Then we can help you

In Norway, about 2,000 cars are stolen each year. More than 40% of these are NEVER found. If you fall victim to the theft of your car, SpotGuard will make sure your car does not become part of these statistics. With SpotGuard, more than 90% of lost cars are recovered!

With the overview in your pocket

Positions and system information available in the App

Your items are mobile, and so are you. Therefore, we have created an App for smartphones and tablets that gives you complete overview of the latest positions of all your belongings with SpotGuard. In addition, you get information about temperature, battery status, precision and any alerts about deviations.

How can I see my belongings?

Via the App, available in App Store, Google Play as well as from the web browser.

Download the SpotGuard App