Use your time more efficiently with TravelLog from Guard Systems

TravelLog from Guard Systems simplifies your workday and ensures that your business complies with the tax authorities’ documentation requirements for the use of company cars.

TravelLog is suitable for all businesses, regardless of size, and whether the employees have regular cars or share cars.

TravelLog gives you automatic documentation of all trips, and saves your business a lot of time.
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Benefits of the electronic travel log

  • Less paperwork
  • Easier management
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster invoicing
  • Better documentation
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Easy installation
  • Supports OBD-II
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Simple interface

We have aimed to make TravelLog as easy as possible for you

TravelLog is so easy to use that training is rarely necessary. TravelLog gives you more productive working hours and less time in the system.

Spend time on what you know

Do not waste unnecessary time on paperwork

How many hours a month do you spend on finding out where you have been, at what time? Probably far too many. With the electronic travel log, you can spend this time on profitable work, since all driving is automatically recorded in the system.

  • Our electronic travel log

    meets the tax administration’s documentation requirements for the use of company cars

  • Our electronic travel log

    is fixed and ensures automatic registration of all trips

  • Our electronic travel log

    gives you the opportunity for sharing cars, and driver identification ensures that trips are recorded on the correct employee

  • Our electronic travel log

    gives each employee easy and personalised online access to the travel log

  • Our electronic travel log

    gives the drivers a complete overview of their trips

  • Our electronic travel log

    has reports tailored to the requirements of the tax authorities

Services included in the agreement

With us, there are no hidden costs associated with your agreement!

  • Free support, 8-16 all weekdays
  • SIM og kommunikasjonskostnader
  • Preinstalled SIM card and completely configured software
  • Data traffic and roaming costs
  • Assistance in case of theft
  • Option of upgrading the unit and features